Scrooge McDuck
General Information
Gender: Male
Species: Duck
Family & Friends
Relationships: Donald Duck (nephew), Huey, Dewey, and Louie (great-nephews)
Series Information
Voice talent: Alan Young
Scrooge McDuck

Scrooge McDuck is the richest duck in the world and is Donald's uncle.


Scrooge is a talented and passionate adventurer, treasure hunter, and buisness owner, having earned his immense fortune through hard work. Due to this, he is very stingy with his money and cares for it deeply. Although he appears grouchy and selfish, he is actually a kind person who values honesty and fair play. The one thing he loves more than money is his family. Despite his age, Scrooge is usually able to keep up with his nephews antics and adventures without slowing down.


In the episode House of Scrooge, Scrooge buys the House of Mouse from Pete. At first, Mickey is overjoyed with the fact that Pete is gone, but is then dismayed when Scrooge creates drastic changes in the club and makes extreme budget cuts. Once he realizes that the changes have driven away the customers, he takes back his money and gives Pete the House of Mouse back.


  • In 2002, Forbes magazine named Scrooge McDuck history's fourth richest fictional character at $8.2 billion but moved him down to sixth place in 2005. In 2006, Scrooge was moved back up to third place, with a worth of $10.9 billion, trailing only Oliver "Daddy" Warbucks and Charles Montgomery Burns. In 2007, the self-made Scottish businessman finally got on the top of the Forbes Fictional 15 with a net worth of $28.8 billion. In 2009 he landed in second place and eventually made it back to first place in 2011.
  • Also in 2007, Glasgow City Council added Scrooge to its list of "Famous Glaswegians", alongside the likes of Billy Connolly, Sir Alex Ferguson and Charles Rennie Mackintosh.