"Pete's One-Man Show"
Pete's show
Season 2
Episode number 2
Airdate October 10, 2009
Written by Kevin Campbell, John Ludin, Elizabeth Stonecipher, Thomas Hart
Director(s) Tony Craig, Roberts Gannaway, Mike Moon, Rick Schneider
Episode chronology
Suddenly Hades House of Crime
Pete agrees to be friendly if Mickey lets him perform. However, not one toon wants to see him. Mickey and the gang struggle to pretend that there is a full house in order to stop Pete from shutting down the club.


  • Dumbo: Dumbo
  • Robin Hood: Robin Hood


Pinball Mickey (2002), Von Drake's House of Genius: Time Reverser (1999), Housesitters (2002)


Competition for the House of Mouse has been provided by: "The Peteladium"