"Max's Embarrassing Date"
Max's date
Season 2
Episode number 8
Airdate January 19, 2002
Written by Tracy Berna, Kevin Campbell, Thomas Hart, Elizabeth Stonecipher
Director(s) Tony Craig, Roberts Gannaway
Episode chronology
Everybody Loves Mickey Where's Minnie?
Max brings Roxanne to the House of Mouse on a the teams date, but is worried that Goofy will embarrass him. When he asks Mickey and the rest of the gang for help, they end up causing more trouble than his dad.

Guests (incomplete)Edit

  • Beauty and the Beast: Lumiere
  • The Little Mermaid: Sebastian


  • Pluto's Penthouse Sweet (1999)
  • How to Ride a Bicycle (1999)


  • This is the only episode in which a character created for a Disney Afternoon-related production (Roxanne from A Goofy Movie) makes an appearance.
  • Lumiere's family is shown to all be candelabras like him; this obviously contradicts the fact that, in Beauty and the Beast, Lumiere is actually a human turned into a candelabra due to the curse that the Enchantress put on the Beast.