Ludwig Von Drake
General Information
Gender: Male
Species: Duck
Address: Toon Town
Occupation(s): Scientist, Professor, Inventor, Psychiatrist

Family & Friends
Relationships: Donald Duck (nephew), Huey, Dewey, and Louie (great-nephews)
Series Information
Voice talent: Corey Burton
Ludwig Von Drake is the nutty professor who is sometimes called upon to help solve some of the club's problems.


Despite being a world renowned scientist, Ludwig is incredibly wacky and even admits that he is "cooky." He is very intelligent and seems to know about almost anything a person can name, which annoyed Mickey in Ask Von Drake. He spends his time trying to build inventions to better their lives, but usually the invention goes off of the deep end and creates trouble. His sanity is questionable at times and he can also be rather forgetful.


  • One of Ludwig's most notable goals is to discover the source of Donald's temper tantrums.


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